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DOCO, Inc. Sheltered Workshop is committed to providing dignified and meaningful employment to the handicapped workers of Ava and Douglas County in a safe, supportive, and productive environment allowing them to reach their own full potential.

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What is a Sheltered Workshop?

DOCO, Inc. is one of 93 sheltered workshops in the state of Missouri.  Sheltered workshops provide a safe, controlled, and highly supervised work environment and program designed toward enabling individuals with disabilities.  These workshops provide work experiences sufficiently diverse to accommodate the needs of each enrolled individual.  Missouri sheltered workshops are different from shops in many other states because they depend heavily on contracted work and the revenue from that work to maintain operations.  They are actually small businesses that hire individuals with disabilities. 

Besides the obvious benefit of providing employment, especially for people with disabilities, workshops also put money back into the community.  Payroll, purchase of goods and services, and participation in community affairs are only a few ways that workshops contribute to the community.

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