"Leading With Kindness"

Tray Wash

We wash & sort trays for a multi-national compressor manufacturer.

Easter Eggs

We assemble easter eggs.  In 2020, even with COVID, we produced over 2 million eggs!

Beverage Destruction

We crush, drain, & recycle waste for a local bottling company. This provides a much-needed service & is environmentally friendly.

Pallet Manufacturing

We manufacture several different sizes and styles of oak pallets to precise customer specifications for worldwide shipping.

Heat Treat

We heat treat lumber & pallets that are utilized for worldwide shipping.  Our Heat Treat oven is certified and documented to conform to ISPM-15 standards.

Laundry Service

We started a laundry service for multiple local salons in 2018. 

We offer same day service with a smile!

Cleaning Service

We also started a cleaning service for local professional businesses in 2018. We provide all supplies & make each office sparkle!

Blessing Box

In 2019 we added our blessing box!  It is open to the community 24/7 to take or donate products such as food or clothing. Leading With Kindness!

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