dawn cox

Dawn Cox


Dawn oversees all daily operations, production departments, and programs with our handicapped employees.  She also works closely with the community to implement and sustain many outreach programs to better the overall environment of our youth and disadvantaged, as well as developmentally disabled individuals not connected with DOCO.  Dawn loves the StL Cards almost as much as she hates the Chicago Cubs.

Michelle Bristol

Michelle Bristol

Office Manager

Michelle Bristol, a native to Ava, is DOCO's office manager. She is also in charge of the cleaning and laundry departments. Michelle wears many hats at DOCO but her favorite is as the biggest fan of KC Chiefs football!

michael cox

Michael Cox

Egg Room Supervisor

Michael Cox is the egg room supervisor. He ensures safety and compliance in the egg room, which is the home base for all of our handicapped and disabled employees. He has wanted to be a writer until he started working at DOCO and now wants to watch all of his employees grow and succeed to the best of their own potential.

jeff bristol

Jeff Bristol

Yard Supervisor

Jeff Bristol, also native to Ava, is the yard supervisor as well as the pallet manufacturing supervisor. He brings many years of experience to DOCO and is an avid hunter and fisherman in his time away from the job. He does not care for sports so much but is a big fan of the New Orleans Patriots.

mike cox

Mike Cox

Maintenance Supervisor

DOCO's maintenance supervisor is Mike Cox. He is also in charge of plant production. Mike brings an extensive background of maintenance and engineering experience to DOCO.
Go Chiefs!

group picture of the plant and yard staff with "be awesome today" on the wall in the background

Plant & Yard

Our plant and yard staff are the backbone of DOCO. They work hard each day to ensure our products and services are the best they can be for our customers. In addition, they also work to build camaraderie among our employees, while constantly being vigilant for their safety and well-being. This is a great group of people who realize that this job is about something bigger than themselves and we are so fortunate to have them.