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Our product and service is exemplary because it’s being performed by the disabled.

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DOCO's mission is to provide dignified and meaningful employment to their disabled workers.  Join our growing list of companies that allow us to empower our employees and their families with financial support and a sense of purpose, productivity, and independence while letting your staff focus on other assignments.

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Lead With Kindness
Hutchens Industries - The difference is durability. The quality is Hutchens
Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
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Why Choose DOCO?

DOCO has been serving the manufacturing industry for almost 50 years.  Comprised of a developmentally and physically disabled workforce, DOCO has developed a well-earned reputation for quality work as well as fast turnaround.  Our employees are able to fill both small and large assembly jobs as well as build any size pallets, clean any size facility, and launder both commercial and residential items.  Their capabilities, enthusiasm, and strong work ethic make our employees a trusted avenue for partnership with many local businesses.

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