Picture of employee Steven at the Egg Room

A look inside our Egg Room

Easter eggs made at DOCO are snapped in six colors, with one piece of candy (or a toy) inside each one. Careful supervision is made to ensure that every egg is made correctly, and they are shipped in a variety of these colors.
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Picture of 3 employees posing for photo in the dance

Our First Dance!

Recently, DOCO co-hosted their first-ever dance!  Held at the Mountain Grover sheltered workshop (Unique Services), our employees enjoyed a night of dinner and dancing!  Spaghetti and desserts were on the menu, served by the lovely ladies from different Mountain Grove churches.
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Picture of employee David at his workstation

Easter with the DOCO Team!

Having a supportive and healthy work environment is important for everyone, and that includes our certified employees.
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employee with a slice of pepperoni pizza in the DOCO cafeteria

Our Cafeteria is Open!

We recently opened our own dedicated cafeteria for our staff and employees. Serving pizza, chicken tenders, tortellini, hot-dogs, and more.
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