You can help our disabled workers

Our workers have a dignified and meaningful job because of supporters like you.

DOCO Sheltered Workshop is mainly run by revenue

Missouri Sheltered Workshops are mainly run and operated by revenue.  No federal dollars can be found in the mix.  They may receive county funding as well as state dollars but mostly they are operated via revenue.

DOCO is blessed.  Through their employees and staff hard work, a majority of their contracts are locally based.  That means their money stays in their county.  Our employees live here, play here, and work here.

I volunteer with DOCO because being in the the friendly environment is mutually beneficial!  The goodness flows throughout the building and I look forward to every visit. - Taylor L.

My family and I will always volunteer as often as possible because we truly love what DOCO represents and does for every person in our community. - Jess H.

I donate every year to DOCO.  Knowing that 100% of my donation goes straight to the disabled employees reassures me that my money is going to the heart of what matters. - Margie F.

Sometimes we experience dips in revenue

Sometimes, revenue streams may dissipate, not by DOCO’s fault but because of external circumstances such as pandemics.  When that happens, it's the administration's job to ensure the facility stays open – supplying dignified and meaningful employment as stated in DOCO’s mission is the first and foremost priority.  DOCO is so much more than an employer though – the executive director is a state trained social worker well-versed at supplying resources for those that may need it the most.

Your donation will do exactly that – help supply resources for those that may need it the most.  100% of the dollars donated go straight to where it counts – our disabled employees.  Whether that be hosting their holiday Christmas party, supplying clothes or food, purchasing handicapped specific personal protection equipment, etc… Every little bit donated goes into a fund designated for our employees.  You can be assured knowing one hundred percent of your donation goes to the heart of our organization, our employees.

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